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If you have ever dreamt of having the perfect lawn with least maintenance that stays green throughout the year then National Artificial Grass and AstroTurf is the solution for you. We are a Texas-based company shipping artificial turf all over Texas. We provide the best quality artificial grass that is made in America with the highest quality material. Our artificial grass closely resembles natural grass in both looks and feel.

AstroTurf is known for its earliest production of artificial turf in America. They are extensively used in playfields for National and international Stadiums to replicate natural turf. 

We supply fake grass for commercial and residential landscaping. No matter what your need is and where you want to install synthetic grass, we will make it happen. 

Some of the places that may use artificial turf are

  1. Backyards and laws for residential and commercial buildings. 
  2. Indoor carpet turfs.
  3. Decorative grass for indoor usage.
  4. Game fields (for baseball, soccer and other sports)
  5. Golf grounds
  6. School and college playground.
  7. Hospital parks.
  8. Public parks and recreation areas.
  9. Pet parks. 
  10. Landscaping. 


You don’t need to hire a shipping company to transport the heavy artificial turf. They usually charge a lot. We will provide fast shipping under minimum cost.


Artificial grass turfs can be pretty heavy and need more than one person to be installed properly.

The installation procedure needs to start a few days before installing the artificial grass. We will get rid of all the existing grass from the area that you plan on putting the turf over. This needs to be done a few days before installation.

Next, we will break the top layer of the soil and remove any remains of natural grass. We let the loose soil dry and then press it down to make a smooth surface.

We give the surface a slight slant for proper water drainage. We will install a proper drainage system so the water does not clog under the synthetic grass.

We will apply a thin layer of a base material which can be gravel or small pieces of granite or crushed rocks. We Smooth out this base material so there are no bumps.

The base material is then compacted with the roller compactor.

Once the base is done, the artificial turf is carefully rolled over the plane surface.

We make sure all the grass blades on each strip of artificial turf is bend in one direction giving it a natural look. The turfgrass blades are made long so infill layer can be applied over it for cushioning against physical activity. Black crumb rubber or Silicon corpuscles are some of the infills that are used.

Our company provides trained professional to install the artificial grass so It stays put at its best shape for a long time.

Our professional will carry all the equipment necessary for installation and all the materials that are needed for properly lay down of the artificial turf.

Be headache free about watering, weeding and mowing your lawn with National Artificial Grass and AstroTurf.

Quality Of Material

Buying artificial turf for a big area is a major investment. It saves you a lot of money in the long run but only if it’s of good quality.

You need to keep in mind how much foot traffic your artificial turf will receive every day. If its a public area it will receive far more foot traffic than a residential area. Even in residential areas if you have kids and pets, they are more likely to spend a considerable amount of time in the turf. You need to make sure that the artificial grass can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Our Artificial grass is made of premium quality synthetic material with polypropylene and polythene. The synthetic yarns are tightly sewn into the backing, so it does not fall apart. Low-quality turfs are colored artificially and do not look like actual grass. However, our products are color with consistency and are made to look just like natural grass.

The correct length of synthetic grass blades is neither too long nor too small. Small blades do not have space for infills. And long blades bend over time. 

To give artificial grass look natural, the weight and density of the blades are made to be as close to natural grass as possible.

Good quality artificial grass does not need as much maintenance as low-quality grass. The blades do not need brushing to keep straight.

Choose Wisely

You can look through our free samples before making a purchase. Take your time looking through the glossier, take a feel of the material, know about the making and then make a well-informed decision.

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