National Artificial Grass and AstroTurf is an artificial grass dealer and installer at Texas. We are a well known artificial grass company providing best quality products and installation services.

Artificial turf is replacing natural grass because of its eco-friendliness. It does not need water for maintenance, does not need to be maintained with pesticides and weedicides. You don’t have to mow the artificial grass during hot summer days. 

Artificial turf is made to imitate natural grass. Give the looks and feels of natural grass and increase the aesthetics of your property. It is usually installed in places where grass maintenance is impossible, takes a lot of money or cannot grow in those areas. Synthetic grasses are also very loved product among sports stadiums and commercial playgrounds.

We provide services for all kinds of places from residential to commercial. We have years of experience in artificial grass. We know what kind of products work for a particular type of place, according to foot traffic, Sun exposure and other factors.

We hold various varieties of artificial turf that you can choose from. Artificial turf with different shapes of grass blades is available.

The oval shape provides soft touch. Diamond-shaped and V-shaped blades are strong and durable against heavy foot traffic. C-shaped, W-shaped also work great on commercial property with heavy foot traffic. 


The blades are made of synthetic material such as polypropylene and secured into the backing. The base or backing is made of recycled rubber or plastic which makes it an environmentally friendly product. The blades are strongly sewn into the backing so that the blades do not come apart during heavy usage. The grass is coated with UV protection so that the colour is retained even after long hours of sun exposure.

We run various tests on our product in and out of the lab to make sure that we are providing you with the best quality material. Quality Assurance is our main priority. 



We provide affordable shipping and installation.

It takes a lot of effort to prep the surface underneath the artificial turf. it has to be smooth, any kind of abrasion, previous waterline needs to be removed from the surface. 

The surface is coated with an anti-weed material so that weeds do not grow underneath the turf surface. 

The proper drainage system has to be made to avoid waterlogging under the artificial turf.

Custom fitting that turf around various structures and shapes is another thing the professional take care of.

The end product will be satisfactory and look beautiful in your lawn.