Synthetic turf has far more demand in commercial landscaping projects than any other type of landscaping items. Places such as commercial Golf fields, School and College playgrounds, sports stadiums for soccer and baseball another etc,  public parks, pet parks are some of the popular places where artificial grass is used.

We have worked for several commercial projects over the years. We provide the best quality installation and best quality material for durable turf that needs low maintenance. 

Artificial turf can be installed in places where natural grass cannot be easily maintained, like traffic Islands, Road separators, the peripheral area around a property etc. It is difficult to mow and water these types of areas. Artificial grass works best here.

Artificial grass can also be a great choice for Indoor use. For example, indoor Garden, Indoor Golf Course or a meeting area. It gives a green soothing look to the place. And do not need watering or soil to grow

Places such as children’s park, community playgrounds, school and college playgrounds have heavy foot traffic throughout the day. Artificial grass works great for such kind of places. Maintenance for such places is not possible when there are people around at all times. Cost of maintenance is cut down to a great extent as well.

Rooftop Gardens are common for housing complexes. These areas can be used as a hangout place for the people living in the complex. It does need in any soil or water to grow the grass. Artificial grass simulates natural grass work great on rooftop gardens.

Having a Greenland increases the beauty of a commercial building. it is attractive and a practical landscaping idea. 

Installation Process

Before installation, any existing grass is removed from the ground and the surface is abraded to be clean.

If the lawn had old sprinkler systems, electricity wiring they are removed and the surface is cleared of everything.

Next, a base is prepared with proper drainage and an anti-weed layer is applied on top. So weeds do not grow under the surface of the turf.

Then the turf is laid over the ground. The turf is then cut and custom fitted for structures that are around in the area. The turf edges are nails in place. Then the edges are sealed with a wonder bar. Seams are sewn together. 

Lastly, the blades are power brushed so the infill applied can be consistent throughout. Get rid of the extra debris. Once it’s all done you are all set for years to come. 


  1. National Artificial Grass and AstroTurf is one of the best companies in Texas providing commercial artificial turf for landscape application.
  2. We provide affordable shipping and installation.
  3. We provide the best drainage system to keep the grass clean and dirt free without any water logging under the surface.
  4. Our professional make a built-in weed barrier before the turf is installed to increase the longevity of the artificial turf. Making sure that no weeds grow underneath turf in future.
  5. We provide various infill options that are that work best for places with heavy foot traffic such as children park, Pet parks and public parks
  6. Our installations are fast and durable.
  7. You can choose the type of artificial grass, the color, texture and length of the grass blades from above wide variety of glossier available.
  8. We provide the best quality material that is made from synthetic fibre but feels exactly like natural grass.
  9. The brass blades are strongly stitched to the backing for maximum longevity. The color of the blades are uniform and memic that of natural grass. Feels nice on feet and weighs slightly heavier than natural grass for better feel.
  10. The turf yarn is processed with UV protectors so that the blades do not lose their color under UV rays.

How is Artificial grass environment-friendly?

You conserve water by using synthetic turf. To maintain hundreds of square foot of area you would need thousands of gallons of water every year. That’s a lot of water wastage. 

Natural grass needs to be treated with pesticides to get rid of pests such as bugs unwanted weeds. Pesticides are harmful chemicals that do not wash away. They stay in the soil and mix with groundwater. Pesticides are not good for environmental habitat and humans.

Gas-powered gardening equipment such as lawnmowers give out a lot of carbon dioxide and pollutes the air. Synthetic grass does not need to be mowed and saves the environment from carbon emission.