Resedential Artificial turf

Keep your kids and pets happy with our artificial turf in your backyard.  We provide artificial grass for a residential area at an affordable price with the highest quality. Artificial grass is considered one of the Essentials for landscaping. It looks great, increases your property value and is low maintenance.

If you are installing an artificial turf for your backyard or your front yard there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Good thing is, you don’t have to worry about the shipment or installation. We will provide you with the shipping and installation at an affordable price.

Where is artificial grass used in Residence?

1. Backyard 

People install artificial grass around their poolside area or in areas around their house. Artificial grass keeps the area around your house clean, weed-free and insect free. 

2. Front yard

In balcony. If you’re installing artificial grass on top of your roof make sure that the roof is capable of holding the weight of the artificial grass. 

3. Indoor/Outdoor Mini-Golf Course

If you have a large area in your property and you want to transform it into a golf course, artificial grass is one of the best ideas instead of regular grass. Regular grass needs hundreds of dollars every month for maintenance.


1. It Does Not Need Mowing

You don’t have to waste your weekends mowing the lawn. Irritating your neighbours and family members with that loud noise. Sweating yourself under the sun when you could relax in your backyard. Just throw your lawnmower and never see the face of that bulky thing. With our artificial turf, you will never need to mow your backyard again.

2. Save Water
During those hot summer days, water bills in Texas touch Sky. Watering your lawn to keep the grass healthy every single day can increase the water bill even higher. Whether you are installing sprinklers or you are watering the grass manually, a lot of water is wasted. It is not good for nature. It is actually considered eco-friendly to install artificial grass than wastewater on natural grass.

3. Fertilizers
To maintain healthy grass and keep in green all year long you need to invest a lot of fertilizers. Application isn’t easy as well. You have to be very careful as fertilizers. They can be toxic and they are not good for the environment.

4. Pesticides
Pesticides are another thing that keeps your grass healthy and pest free. However, pesticides are worse for the environment. It contaminates soil and natural water. Also, it is not good for your health and cost a lot as well.

5. Best For Kids
Artificial grass is far more suitable for kids than natural grass. Artificial grass does not dirty clothes if your kids are playing on it. It is far more cushioning than natural turf. It is better at withstanding a lot of foot traffic, if your kids like to run around the lawn, artificial grass can withstand it far better than natural grass.

6.Year-Long Greenery
The main worry of house owners is keeping the lawn healthy and green all year long. With artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about your grass drying out or getting too long during the rainy season. It stays perfectly green and in shape throughout the year.

How to choose the best kind of Artificial Grass

Choosing the best quality artificial grass is very important as there’s a lot of investment going into such landscaping accessory.

If you are not sure about buying a certain type of artificial turf, try our free sample. 

Our grass is made of good quality synthetic material that is far more durable than cheap nylon artificial turf. We have a 10-year warranty on our products as we are pretty sure that our products will last a long time.

Before choosing artificial grass or artificial turf you should make sure that the turf resembles natural grass as closely as possible.

Read our customer testimonials to see the quality of our work and products. 

We sell various kinds of artificial turf depending on your needs. We not only provide artificial grass but also installation services. You can go through all the types and see which one works best for your house.

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